Title / Position: Assistant Researcher

Lulu is an economist with experience in policy analysis and socio-economic research with particular interest in the extractive sector and Governance. Lulu is currently Assistant Researcher at REPOA. She has been involved in analysis of public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, economic conditions, and related issues and has undertaken analytical work in relation. She is a team member of the five years research programme on “Tanzania as a future Petro State” working on Data and Measures for Public Engagement and Policy Making, Public-Private Interactions in the Extractive Sectors and Local Content for the Oil and Gas Industry. Prior to joining REPOA, Lulu has accumulated a vast experience working in the extractive sector as a commercial analyst preparing analytical pieces of work for clients based on political and fiscal issues of the oil and gas sector. She has carried out extensive fieldwork in the mining sector looking at the value chain and value addition, taxation and good governance. Lulu received a Master’s Degree in petroleum, energy economics, and finance from the University of Aberdeen, UK and a Bachelor’s Degree in economic policy and planning from Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

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