Title / Position: Librarian

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Hubert Shija, Librarian

Hubert Shija has a Master’s degree from the University of Dar es Salaam,Tanzania, where he studied Arts in Information Studies – library and information management i.e. storage, provision, and access and use of information, including application of Information and Communication Technologies. In his first degree (Arts with education), he did Linguistics and Geography.

Apart from many years of experience working with REPOA resource centre, Shija also has experience in Teaching and managing libraries and information services at British Council Dar es Salaam for more than four years.

He has Competencies and skills in time and stress management; finance; leadership and managerial skills; presentation; listening; IT/ Computer including internet; teaching; marketing skills; interpersonal skills, communication skills, negotiation skills. Behavioural competencies are Customer Services Orientation; Flexibility; Achievement; Analytical Thinking; Relationship Building and maintaining for Influence; Self - Awareness; Professional confidence; Leading and Developing others; Entrepreneurship; Holding People Responsible; Teamwork; Working Strategically.

Shija has Published papers with Tanzania Library Association (TLA) on ‘sharing information resources and networking’, ‘using ICTs to boost library efficiency’, and ‘dealing with knowledge scarcity in developing countries’.

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