Scholarly journal articles

Contemporary functions of ilobolo (bridewealth) in urban South African Zulu society
Rudwick, Stephanie

More comfortably without her?’: Ruth First as writer and activist
Saul, John S.

Remembering Ruth First at the CEA
Darch, Colin

Long-Term Effects of Civil Conflict on Women’s Health Outcomes in Peru
Laszlo, Sonia, Grimard, F.

Stepping into Formal Politics: Women’s Engagement in Formal Political Processes in Irrigation in Rural India
Girard, Alexandra M.

What Determines Gender Inequality in Household Food Security in Kenya? Application of Exogenous Switching Treatment Regression
Stage, Jesper, Ndiritu, Simon Wagura, Kassie, Menale

Women’s Access to Labor Market Opportunities, Control of Household Resources, and Domestic Violence: Evidence from Bangladesh
Heath, Rachel

Women’s Land Rights and Children’s Human Capital in Vietnam
Nguyen, Huong, van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana, Menon, Nidhiya

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