You can read more papers from the links below:

SA2 Margaret McMillan (IGC, IFPRI) Foreign Direct Investment and Knowledge Diffusion in Poor Locations: Evidence from Ethiopia
(-See also Presentation)

SB1 David Laborde (IFPRI) Assessing the impacts of specialization pattern and policy drivers on Tanzania Trade Performance
(-See also Presentation)

Mhede, E. P. (MITI). Medium-run Impact of Management Training: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Experiment in Tanzania - (to be uploaded)

SB2 Epifania Langa (IESE) & Maria Nkhonjera (CCRED) Achieving competitiveness in capital equipment and related industries for regional industrialisation: the case of Mozambique and South Africa
(-See also Presentation)

SC1 Ragnar Torvik (CMI) Oil Prices and The Exchange Rate: optimal monetary policy for oil exporting countries
(-See also Presentation)

SC2 Neil Balchin (ODI) The phase-out of second-hand clothing: What impact for Tanzania?
(-See also Presentation)

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