REPOA supports the poverty reduction activities of the Government of Tanzania by participating in various forums.

REPOA is a member of the Census and Surveys Technical Working Group of the MKUKUTA Monitoring System as well as the Public Expenditure Review. In addition, REPOA is engaged in the review of MKUKUTA/MKUZA and is coordinating the implementation of analytical studies in the areas of growth diagnostics and distributional aspects of growth. For the past ten years, REPOA has also served as the Secretariat of the Research Analysis Working Group (R&AWG), which includes representatives from central government Ministries, the National Bureau of Statistics, development partners, academia and national civil society organisations. The R&AWG is an integral part of the Tanzanian government’s institutional framework for poverty monitoring.


In its role as Secretariat, REPOA has championed the publication of the Poverty and Human Development Report series. REPOA facilitated the availability of up-to-date, reliable information vital for the determination and analysis of poverty levels and trends, for timely and efficient dissemination of that information to the public, and for facilitating decision-making on policies and strategies. It also provides technical support to the NGO Policy Forum Working Group on Expenditure Tracking, participates in technical review meetings for the health sector, and is a member and secretariat for the Policy Advisory Group for Child Labour.




REPOA is currently the secretariat for the Research and Analysis Technical Working Group, one of the technical working groups that make up the Poverty Monitoring System.


The Poverty Monitoring System was developed within the Poverty Reduction Strategy. Its function is to monitor the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy.


This monitoring:

  • Assesses the progress of implementation;
  • Evaluates how the actions match to the strategy;
  • Identifies and examines any mismatches to the strategy;
  • Determines what needs to be done to correct that anomaly.

The core of the Poverty Monitoring System is the four technical working groups:

Surveys and Census Technical Working Group: This group oversees all national surveys and routine administrative data systems in Tanzania. These provide the core quantitative data for trend analysis of progress on the national MKUKUTA strategy.

Routine Date Systems Technical Working Group: This group is concerned with data collection, compilation and preliminary analysis.

Research and Analysis Technical Working Group (RAWG):This group is responsible for the detailed analysis of data. Their goal is to improve stakeholders' understanding of poverty in Tanzania, to evaluate the impact of the Poverty Reduction Strategy and to suggest changes that may be needed to improve the impact

Dissemination, Sensitization and Advocacy Technical Working Group: 
Concerned with the dissemination of information

The Research and Analysis Working Group holds open seminars to discuss findings and methodologies related to MKUKUTA and its monitoring. These open seminars usually take place on the first Friday of each month and you are welcome to attend. Please contact REPOA to be placed on the email invitation list and you will be notified before each meeting.


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