REPOA has put in place a systematic capacity enhancing support for grantees.

The grants programme aims to develop a vibrant community of junior and intermediate researchers, a critical mass of future researchers capable of undertaking research that is credible and relevant to development challenges.

The support package adds value to the grants through:

Training Workshops
Training workshops on four different modules are available for grantees as listed below:-


  • Research designing
  • Doing your own survey
  • Participatory Research Methods
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing  and publishing academic papers

These training courses are also available to researchers from collaborating institutions but priority is given to REPOA grantees. A grantee can take one or all of these modules depending on identified needs during the review process.

Grantees are given the opportunity to propose to participate in a particular training workshop even where the review system does not recommend it if the grantee can demonstrate value addition.

REPOA will make the final decision on the package for each grantee and this will form part of the grant contract.

Access to Scientific Literature
REPOA’s library offers specific sessions to first time grantees and refreshers to previous grantees on how to access electronic library resources, including the acquisition of full text online journals, databases and document delivery.  Each grantee will be given access to all full text online journals and databases that REPOA has subscribed to.

REPOA through the review system will identify grantees whose projects will benefit significantly from contact with a mentor, and will identify potential mentors to work with grantees and facilitate the process.  

Thematic Seminars and Workshops
Grantees working on similar subjects will have a chance to share progress of their work in organized seminars and receive guidance from theme leaders and resource persons. Each of these grouping will also be linked electronically by establishing electronic discussion groups giving grantees an opportunity to exchange views and ask for support from resource persons and other grantees whenever they face constraints.  

Both past and present grantees on similar issues will be linked to foster networking. Grantees will also get a chance to present their draft report in the Annual Research Workshop.


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