These researches aim to generate robust and relevant to improve policy design and implementation, increase accountability and expand the democratic engagement of citizens, all directed towards realizing the ultimate goal of the strategy of enhancing the quality of people’s lives in Tanzania.

The focus of REPOA’s research programme is on Socio Economic Transformation (SET) for Inclusive Growth and Development, with eventual impact on substantial poverty reduction. The overarching question to be addressed in this research programme is: What type of socioeconomic transformation is appropriate for more rapid development accompanied by generalized inclusion of the society and effective in reducing poverty and inequality? The process of socioeconomic transformation for accelerated and inclusive growth and development with effective poverty reduction is multidimensional with crucial linkages and synergies among growth patterns, employment creation and labour market structures, social protection and governance and public service provision.

As such, REPOA’s research will evolve around its niche, to produce knowledge around three interrelated strategic research areas, namely:

1. Natural resources as foundations for economic growth and socioeconomic transformation - includes agricultural land; minerals; oil and gas; forestry; wildlife; fishery

2. Industrialization, structural change, enterprise development, and employment as pillars for economic growth and socioeconomic transformation-includes manufacturing, SME development, informal sector upgrading, trade, and labour market dynamics

3. Governance systems and social policy with a focus on economic governance, social protection, and accountability and social service delivery.


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