Under the grants programme, researchers are invited to apply for grants based on an advertised Call for Proposals. REPOA reviews and recommends improvements for a selected set of proposals, and finally screens final submissions to identify fundable research projects. Products of the research work are then presented at organised seminars and the Annual Research Workshop.

The overall programme objective is to develop a vibrant community of junior and intermediate researchers, capable of undertaking research that is credible and relevant to development challenges.

As of 2011, over 192 research grants have been awarded since 1996.  REPOA has managed to establish and publicise the programme, with records showing continuous increases in the number of applications over the years. Throughout, REPOA has constantly worked on improving the design to enhance effectiveness.

In the 2010 – 2014 strategic plan, the grants programme will continue to aim for the capacity building of grantees.  This involves the institution of a comprehensive capacity building support package which includes training, mentorship and a new award scheme.

The Application and Review Process

  1. A Special Call for Proposals is advertised inviting applicants to submit proposals
  2. Submitted proposals are reviewed by independent reviewers
  3. Proposals recommended for funding are approved for Research Grants

For detailed information on the application process, please click here.


Additional Resources

Researchers interested in submitting a proposal for a research grant should find the documents below useful; you can download the report by clicking on the title, or contact REPOA for a free copy to be sent to you.

To learn about the requirements for submitting a proposal for an analytical research project, as well as our evaluation process, please go to Applying for a Research Grant.


Applying for a Research Grant  Evaluation Process  |  Support for Grantees  |  Call for Proposals


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