Publications List

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SP 14/4
2014 Review of the Governance Effectiveness of the Constituency Development Catalyst Fund in Tanzania Policy Forum and REPOA
BR 46
2014 From Passive to Active Industrial Policy: Improving Locally Manufactured Supplies to the Tanzanian Health Sector By Samuel Wangwe, Paula Tibandebage, Maureen Mackintosh, Caroline Israel, Edwin Mhede, Phares Mujinja
BR 45
2014 Transparency and Accountability in Local Governance in Tanzania By Amon E. Chaligha
BR 44
2014 Public Accounts Committees in Eastern Africa: A Comparative Analysis with a Focus on Tanzania By Riccardo Pelizzo and Abel Kinyondo
BR 43
2014 Reversing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Decline in Tanzania: Policy Options and Constraints. By Samuel Wangwe, Paula Tibandebage, Edwin Mhede, Caroline Israel, Phares Mujinja, Maureen Mackintosh
BR 42
2014 Incomplete Intermediary Coordination and its Effects on Productivity of Sugarcane in Tanzania By Donald Mmari
BR 41
2014 Citizen Participation and Local Governance in Tanzania By Amon E. Chaligha
SP 14/3
2014 Hydrocarbon Resources in Tanzania: Achieving Benefits with Robust Protection By Sufian H. Bukurura and Donald E. Mmari
SP 14/2
2014 In Quest of Inclusive Growth: Exploring the Nexus between Economic Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Tanzania By Rizwanul Islam and Abel Kinyondo
WP 14/4
2014 Economic Transformation in Tanzania: Vicious or Virtuous Circle? By Marc Wuyts and Blandina Kilama
WP 14/3
2014 The Changing Economy of Tanzania: Patterns of Accumulation and Structural Change By Marc Wuyts and Blandina Kilama
SP 14/1
2014 Assessing the Potential of Development Grants as a Promotive Social Protection Measure By Dr. Flora Kessy
2014 The performance of the manufacturing sector in Tanzania Challenges and the way forward Samuel Wangwe,1 Donald Mmari, 1 Jehovanes Aikaeli, 2 Neema Rutatina, 1 Thadeus Mboghoina,1 and Abel Kinyondo1
2014 Tanzanian Citizens Assess The Performance Of Parliament And Consider Its Responsibility For Legislation And Oversight By Stephen Mwombela
2014 The Impact of Gazetting the Derema Forest Corridor in Tanzania on Community Livelihoods and Forest Conservation By Nangena Mtango and Adam Kijazi
RR 14/3
2014 Integrating Traditional and Modern Knowledge Systems in Improving Agricultural Productivity in Upper-Kitete Village, Tanzania By Julita Nawe and Herbert Hambati
2014 Public Accounts Committees in Eastern and Southern Africa: A Comparative Analysis Riccardo Pelizzo and Abel Kinyondo
RR 14/2
2014 Structural Barriers, Constraints, and Urban Youth Employment The Case of Ilala Municipality, Dar-es-Salaam By Christopher S. Awinia
RR 14/1
2014 Socio-Economic Factors Limiting Smallholder Groundnut Production in Tabora Region By Mangasini A. Katundu, Mwanahawa L. Mhina, Arbogast G. Mbeiyererwa and Neema P. Kumburu
WP 14/2
2014 Silent Killer, Silent Health Care: A Case Study of the Need for Nurse-led Hypertension Management By Celestina Fivawo