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2014 Tanzanian Citizens Assess The Performance Of Parliament And Consider Its Responsibility For Legislation And Oversight By Stephen Mwombela
2014 The Impact of Gazetting the Derema Forest Corridor in Tanzania on Community Livelihoods and Forest Conservation By Nangena Mtango and Adam Kijazi
RR 14/3
2014 Integrating Traditional and Modern Knowledge Systems in Improving Agricultural Productivity in Upper-Kitete Village, Tanzania By Julita Nawe and Herbert Hambati
2014 Public Accounts Committees in Eastern and Southern Africa: A Comparative Analysis Riccardo Pelizzo and Abel Kinyondo
RR 14/2
2014 Structural Barriers, Constraints, and Urban Youth Employment The Case of Ilala Municipality, Dar-es-Salaam By Christopher S. Awinia
RR 14/1
2014 Socio-Economic Factors Limiting Smallholder Groundnut Production in Tabora Region By Mangasini A. Katundu, Mwanahawa L. Mhina, Arbogast G. Mbeiyererwa and Neema P. Kumburu
WP 14/2
2014 Silent Killer, Silent Health Care: A Case Study of the Need for Nurse-led Hypertension Management By Celestina Fivawo
WP 14/1
2014 The Invisibility of Wage Employment in Statistics on the Informal Economy in Africa: Causes and Consequences By Matteo Rizzo and Marc Wuyts
SP 13/2
2013 Rewards for High Public Offices and the Quality of Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa By Theodore R. Valentine
BR 40
2013 National Agricultural Input Voucher Scheme (NAIVS 2009–2012), Tanzania: Opportunities for Improvement By Kriti Malhotra
SP 13/1
2013 Understanding the Process of Economic Change: Technology and Opportunity in Rural Tanzania By Maia Green
No 5
2013 REPOA E-Newsletter Issue No 5
2013 Payments and Quality of Ante-Natal Care in Two Rural Districts of Tanzania By Paula Tibandebage, Maureen Mackintosh, Tausi Kida, Joyce Ikingura and Cornel Jahari
2013 Payments for Maternal Care and Women’s Experiences of Giving Birth: Evidence from Four Districts in Tanzania. By Maureen Mackintosh, Tausi Kida, Paula Tibandebag, Joyce Ikingura and Cornel Jahari
2013 Understandings of Ethics in Maternal Health Care: an Exploration of Evidence From Four Districts in Tanzania By Paula Tibandebage, Tausi Kida, Maureen Mackintosh and Joyce Ikingura
2013 Empowering Nurses to Improve Maternal Health Outcomes By Paula Tibandebage, Tausi Kida, Maureen Mackintosh and Joyce Ikingura
2013 Do I Have To Pay Tax? Citizens’ Awareness Of Their Tax Obligations In Tanzanian By Rose Aiko
2013 Citizens’ Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Taxation, Tax Levels And Tax Officials By Rose Aiko
BR 39
2013 Examining the Institutional Framework for Investment in Tanzania: A perspective from the Executive Opinion Survey, 2012-13 By Johansein Rutaihwa
BR 38
2013 Achieving High Economic Growth with Rapid Poverty Reduction: The Case of Vietnam By Do Duc Dinh