Donald Mmari and Sufian Bukurura | This essay examines the genesis of national oil companies (NOCs) and the political economy underpinning the diverse forms in which they are structured and operate.
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Joel Mmasa & Walter Mbaula | This study assessed the targeting approaches used in social protection initiatives to improve the livelihoods of the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC).
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Miguel Loureiro, Aalia Cassim, Terence Darko, Lucas Katera, Nyambura Salome | State–citizen communication is an important element of social justice. Does the state listen? reads more here
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Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Cornel Jahari, Donald Mmari, Ingrid Hoem Sjursen | Huge reservoirs of natural gas have been discovered offshore the southern coast of Tanzania. The country might become a large producer of gas, and a potential exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) during the next decades.Read more at
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Maureen Mackintosh, Geoffrey Banda, Paula Tibandebage and Watu Wamae | The importance of the pharmaceutical industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, its claim to policy priority, is rooted in the vast unmet health needs of the sub-continent. Pdf and e-book versions can be downloaded here:
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Ivar Kolstad and Abel Kinyondo | This paper suggests that an optimal local content policy in the context of flawed institutions is a more minimal one than those typically pursued by developing countries with recently discovered petroleum reserves. We argue that local content requirements…
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