REPOA currently hosts a Hub for a policy initiative supported by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). The hub initiative aims at strengthening policy research design and implementation and policy support systems to enhance productivity in agriculture and the entire agricultural product value chain for staple food crops in Tanzania.

This agricultural sector policy initiative in Tanzania is a result of a business plan prepared by AGRA in 2010 with the goal to support the implementation of policy advocacy interventions, recognizing the need to build synergies with on‐going national and regional policy efforts.

For REPOA, this programme is consistent with our research programme on growth and development for inclusive growth whereby agriculture and rural transformation is a large component. The programme aims to help build capacities for evidence-based policymaking and implementation in the areas of seed, soil health, markets, land, and environment and climate change.

The policy hub will coordinate five Policy Action Nodes (PANs) tasked with conducting research and policy analysis in the aforementioned implementation areas. Each PAN is hosted at an existing policy institution with technical expertise in the respective area.

The hub will also maintain a National Policy Advisory Committee (NPAC) composed of six members and chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives. NPAC will provide technical advice to the implementation of nodes' activities and ensure policy relevance.

AGRA is also supporting similar initiatives in three other Sub-Saharan African countries; Ghana, Mali and Mozambique.

Policy Action Node Coordinators in Tanzania

  Name Position Organization


1 Prof. Susan Nchimbi Msolla Professor of Crop Science, Breeding SokoineUniversityof Agriculture (SUA) Seeds
2 Mr. Canuth Komba   Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives

Soil health

3 Josephat Saria   OUT Environment & Climate change
4 Charity Mugabi Reseacher ESRF Land
5 Braison Salisali

Senior business analyst

Rural Livelihood Development Company Markets


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