REPOA’s 21st Annual Research Workshop (ARW)

Duration: Apr 06, 2016 - Apr 07, 2016

Location / Venue: Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam

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REPOA 21st Annual Research Workshop on Making Industrialization Work for Socio-Economic Transformation was held on April 6 - 7, 2016 at Ledger Plaza Hotel, Dar es Salaam.
The main objective of the workshop was to promote policy dialogue based on evidence from research and experience of Tanzania and other countries on industrialization, structural change, and socio-economic transformation.
Specific objectives of the workshop were:
i. To enhance the understanding of the strategic roles of industrialization on economic growth and structural change, and how the two relates to socio-economic transformation, both in theory and in the practical context of Tanzania
ii. To learn from the experience of other countries, by comparing and contrasting how different policies and practices promote or constrain industrial development
iii. To promote further research and to deepen policy dialogue and informed policy development with the aim of making realization of the aspirations of the Vision 2025 realistic



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