• Stakeholders from Health and Education Sector Getting Trained On SDI Data Analysis
  • Cellphones broaden business opportunities for Tanzanian women
  • Natural Resource Revenues in Tanzania: Meeting Citizen Expectations
  • Mikataba ya Kuingiza Bidhaa za Kilimo kati ya Nchi na Nchi
  • Je hali ya wachimba dhahabu TZ itaimarika ?

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Dar Urban Jobs Survey

Happening now: REPOA as a partner institute with the Adam Smith International is conducting an enumerator’s training for the Small and Medium Enterprises Business Owners and their Employers. The…

Tanzania Service Delivery Indicators

The Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) project is a bold Africa-wide initiative that tracks performance and quality of service delivery in primary schools and at health facilities across countries…

Report on Child Poverty in Tanzania

Child deprivation and poverty rates in Tanzania are high. Seventy four percent of all Tanzanian children live in multidimensional poverty. Deprivation and poverty rates are highest among children…

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