Towards increasing the competitiveness of primary producers
Posted: Wednesday May 31, 2017 12:20 PM BT

This project seeks to provide capacity building support to REPOA and the Zanzibar Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing (ZMTIM) towards increasing the competitiveness of primary producers and diversifying its export base in light of the trading opportunities with the EU. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to sustainable economic development and poverty alleviation through closer regional integration and increased participation in the global economy. More specifically, the purpose of the project is two-fold: (i) to identify bottlenecks that limits competitiveness and export diversification in agriculture - including value chains - and the trade policy framework to effectively address them; (ii) to strengthen REPOA's and Tanzania's research and advisory capacity on trade policy, competitiveness and elimination of non-tariff barriers (NTBs) in the context of enhancing the country's trading capacity with the EU.

The project adopts a rigorous implementation methodology which is centred on a structured and verifiable approach. In addition to collecting and critically reviewing dozens of related studies and reports during the project implementation phase, the methodology will also serve as an interactive tool which is adjustable to changing conditions and information collected from the stakeholders.

The project was launched on 4th May when the beneficiaries, the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) and the EU Delegation representatives attended a kick-off meeting held in Dar es Salam. The project is scheduled to be implemented across a period of eight months. Implementation comprises of the following phases/stages: (i) an inception phase; (ii) data collection and design of the implementation tools; (iii) using the implementation methodology and presenting project outputs, i.e. reports, policy briefs, training workshops; and (iv) consultation on the results, finalization and submission of a final report

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