Posted: Wednesday August 05, 2015 10:48 AM BT

REPOA is collaborating with UNICEF-Tanzania and UNICEF Office of Research, under the Transfer Project, to examine the impacts of the third phase of Tanzanian government’s conditional cash transfer program [TASAF’s Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN)] on youth well-being and the transition to adulthood.

REPOA (with McGill University) is currently conducting an impact evaluation of this programme scale-up on women’s empowerment, and the youth study will be integrated into this larger impact evaluation, with UNICEF leading the youth component. This study uses a randomized controlled trial (RCT) study design, building off the government’s scale-up efforts in which some communities will have a delayed entry into the programme.  Surveys will be conducted among youth ages 14 to 28 at baseline, and again after 18 months. Topics examined will include sexual debut, pregnancy, marriage, school attendance, aspirations, mental health, risk-taking, violence, and future expectations. Results aim to inform design of future iterations of the Government’s social protection and other complementary programming, as well as contribute to efforts to synthesize growing evidence on the ability of social cash transfers to support the safe transition to adulthood across the region.

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