Posted: Tuesday October 28, 2014 3:44 PM BT

Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) has announced a five-year research on petro-state prospects and challenges facing the country’s economy with intent to improve income of citizens.

According to REPOA, the outcome of the research will be released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in collaboration with the Norwegian Christianity Michelsen Institute (CMI) that aims at ensuring every citizen benefits from the ongoing discoveries of oil and gas in the country.

“There are a number of challenges in the oil and gas sector because it is still new to the country. Our research reports will be given from time to time so that ‘wananchi’ can understand on how they can benefit with the resources,” said Dr Donanld Mmari who is the Director of Research, Growth and Development at REPOA during the launch of the research over the weekend in the city.

Dr Mmari added that the main objectives of the research programme are to enhance the empirical understanding of key prospects and challenges facing Tanzania as a new petro-state and to provide contextualized and evidence based policy analysis.

Deputy Permanent Secretary, ministry of Energy and Minerals, Eng Ngosi Mwihava said the research will assist the government to prepare better policy for the new gas sector so that every Tanzanian can benefit from the resources.

“Researchers will visit various areas and bring results of research and we as the government promise to use the results to purposely improve and prepare a better policy for the country,” he said. 

According to REPOA Executive Director, Prof Samuel Wangwe, the research will document key developments in the Tanzanian institutional and social-economic landscape that results from the development of a petroleum industry in the country.

He added that analysis will be undertaken on linkages between gas and oil production, investments, local content, industry size and price levels also trajectories in the wider economy such as government revenue, public expenditure and redistribution of wealth.

He said communication of the research will be done in ways that will maximize the chances of building research capacity and facilitate and promote informed policy dialogue and public debate around issues related to Tanzania as a future petro-state.

Meanwhile, Fred Matola from NBS said they will involve the system of countries that developed from the gas sector so that they can learn various issues and get experience like Norway.

The five years of research is funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania.

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