Posted: Monday September 04, 2017 10:21 AM BT

REPOA was represented in the Joint Technical Committee responsible for drafting the second national Five-Year Development Plan 2016/172020/21 (FYDP II), which was launched on 7th of June 2016 by the Minister of Finance and Planning in Dodoma. In collaboration with the Supporting Economic Transformation (SET) Programme of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), one of the leading independent think tanks on international development and humanitarian issues in the United Kingdom, REPOA conducted a background study that was among the key inputs to the FYDP II. This study has also provided inputs into the early work on preparing the implementation framework for the FYDP II.

The link below provides more details of these works and our support to the FYDP II
1)  The summary of FYDP II published last year

2) The summary of FYDP II implementation strategy including actions and financing

3) The briefing linking FYDP II and the implementation strategies to other important actors (including donors/private sector).

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